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Hello! We are Kofi Ti

The first cold brew and craft soda studio in Romania.

Kofi Ti is the first cold brew and craft soda workshop in Romania. But it all starts with a story. Kofi Ti is a story woven around tastes and flavours, nature and simple things rediscovered, a story inspired by travel and driven by the pleasure of creating.

We follow our passion from 2017, inventing and producing craft beverages with new, surprising tastes, using original recipes and only raw natural ingredients, from all over the world – from Colombia, Bolivia, Italy, Madagascar, Ecuador, India, China or Sri Lanka.

One by one, at our studio in Buftea, we have created an original and varied range of natural craft beverages, without added colours, preservatives or flavours, using only the highest quality ingredients, most pf them introduced for the first time on the Romanian market.

What do you drink when you don't drink?

What do you do when you get tired of ordering only water, lemonade or fresh orange juice when you go out, just so you can avoid the classic soft drinks? You start a craft soda company and create a wide range of natural craft drinks, so that you don’t ever get bored .

It may sound like a joke, but that’s how the story of Kofi Ti began. And this is our dream team.

Creative drinks with a twist

We are driven by our passion for natural ingredients, their properties, tastes and flavours. But most of all we like reinventing drinks. All Kofi Ti drinks are with a twist, unlike anything you tasted before.


our favourite superfood

We introduced cascara in Romania in 2017 when we created our first craft soda, the Cascara Lemonade.


the authentic taste of tonic water

Our signature tonic water is obtained directly from the bark of the quinine tree. It can’t get more authentic than this!


replacing heat with time since 2017

We love cold brewing the raw ingredients, to preserve their natural properties and richness of taste.